Psychic Source launched face-to-face video psychic readings

Psychic Source—the most reputable online psychic service in the since 1989—has just become the first to launch face-to-face, live video psychic readings in addition to their popular phone and chat readings. Now you can contact a professional, authentic psychic from anywhere in the world and feel like they’re sitting right next to you.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wait a second…I’ve definitely seen video psychic readings before,” and you’re right. There are other psychic services which allow customers to see the psychics, but it’s not an interactive video experience. Customers can type in a chat box, but the psychics can’t see them.

With Psychic Source’s innovative video reading platform, we’ve changed that. Customers can now use a service they’re already familiar with to contact a video psychic with the click of a button and have a truly one-on-one, personal video psychic reading. Additionally, people who were once apprehensive of the accuracy of phone and chat readings are able to test the waters by seeing the psychic Advisors via video.

Marketing Director, Maryanne Fiedler, explains what kind of doors this opens: “This is groundbreaking for anyone who is interested in virtual psychic readings but still yearns for face-to-face interaction. Video readings provide such a personal, enlightening experience. You get to see what the psychics are doing as if you’re in the room with them.”

While Psychic Source has been known for almost 30 years to provide top experts who are consistently vetted for authenticity, it may not be as well known that it’s one of the leading psychic services when it comes to technological advancements in the industry. Releasing face-to-face video readings first shows that they are dedicated to providing customers with the most up-to-date services and features available.

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