Does Calastrology Work? Calastrology Works!

People asked: Is Calastrology a scam? Does Calastrology work? Calastrology answered: It’s not a scam and Calastrology Works!

Through our comprehensive study on psychic networks, we do conclude that Calastrology is one of the best psychic networks in this industry.

The website of is owned by California Astrology Association / Dassi, inc., where they officially post testimonials from clients of the California Astrology Association (short for CAA). Andrew, their IT Manager answered a complaint report on Ripoff Report, indicating that:

“The company has been in business since 1970, and I have worked for them since 2000, when we started selling online.

I can assure you that the California Astrology Association does indeed honor our unconditional one-year guarantee.  I know of no other spell casting or psychic company that offers a guarantee such as this.

If you are unsatisfied with anything you purchase from us, you have up to a full year to return it for a refund.  (You can return it at any time; you do not need to wait a year.).

It’s that simple.

On another note, we receive testimonials on a regular and frequent basis from satisfied clients; I can personally that our testimonials are real.  (We receive so many, actually, that I recently set up a new website to showcase them all.  You may wish to visit to make up your own mind).”

Yes, that’s the unique unconditional one-year guarantee from CAA.

calastrology_ecommerce_by_yahooA little reminder, CAA online order is powered by Yahoo! e-commerce with high Yahoo! Shopping rankings, and it’s a recipient of the Best of the Web award as well. It’s easy and safe to place your order online. Below is the instruction.

calastrology_best_of_the_webQ: How do I place an order online?

A: To place an order online, please first browse our website. Once you find a product or service that you would like to purchase, click the “Add to Cart” (or similar) button at the bottom of that page. You will then be shown the contents of your shopping cart, and may continue shopping, or start the checkout process.

During checkout, you will be asked for your shipping information, shipment method, and for the details of any Spell Requests. On the next page (after clicking “Continue”) you will be asked for your Billing information.

Your order will not be placed until you click the “Place Order” button at the bottom of the Billing information page.

If you are using Yahoo!’s “Express Checkout” feature, the checkout process will be contained on one page instead of two. For online orders, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Of course, Paypal is accepting now.

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eople asked: Is Calastrology a scam? Does Calastrology work? Calastrology answered: It's not a scam and Calastrology Works!

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